The best beginner basses for young players, newcomers and the budget-conscious – featuring Yamaha, Squier, Ibanez and also more


Starting out on the bass guitar is prefer starting out on any various other instrument. The idea of discovering a brand also brand-new instrument have the right to be a tiny daunting, certain, yet having actually the best perspective - and also some killer gear, choose the best beginner bass guitars in this guide - is a huge component of the battle. There are many kind of different characteristics to consider once trying to find your first bass guitar.

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Tright here can be many kind of features that you think you need, however it’s important that your beginner bass is affordable, playable and also sounds great. It’s worth finding one that looks cool, also. Any brand-new instrument have the right to be a tiny intimidating at initially, periodically frustrating – heck, your fingertips gain sore – however it is constantly worth the effort.

In today’s industry, it’s straightforward to uncover hundreds of basses that tick those boxes, retailing for much less than 400 bucks. The goal is to discover a bass that inspires you and keeps you playing. That golden dominance of gear acquisition never before changes: always get the instrument that renders you want to play.

Now, a quick note on the text: we have actually restricted our list to four-string basses on the grounds that, as a beginner, you"ll be focusing on the fundamentals.

These basses are not simply for beginners though. These are all excellent worth, fun bass guitars. If you’re functioning to a tight budacquire or require a bass to track bacmonarchs, or just want to expand your arsenal, then any kind of of the basses on this list will certainly see you appropriate.

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If you’d prefer to read even more experienced buying advice, click the ‘buying advice’ button above. If you’d quite acquire directly to the assets, keep scrolling.


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Best beginner bass guitars: Guitar World"s choice

We love the Yamaha BB234. It’s timeless Yamaha, affordable, features a cool design through great playcapability and quality tone. The P/J-style pickup configuration uses many flavors of low-end from a fuss-cost-free passive setup of 2 independent volume controls and also tone. For beginners, it’s a no-brainer, however players of all levels would certainly enjoy it.

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Tbelow are arguably better basses in the beginner bracket than the Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro, however none that are so well-suited to kids, and also none come in as cheap as this. The Mikro has actually a compact, lightweight build and also a short 28.6” range that renders it much less intimidating for young players. The neck profile is simply ideal and also tright here are some deep tones on sell.

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