A high quality helmet, whose reputation is well deserved! This is for me the right helmet for the job-related of a mix, the sound and also even for a go back to the musician in studio recording.

With the ATH-M20x, Audio-Technica has actually a budget-priced headphone version for studio and DJ newcomers in its portfolio. The babsence all-rounder scores through a balanced frequency image, tidy stereo resolution and comfort.

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The Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro are a closed-earlier studio headphones that won’t take long to convince you of its many staminas. The comfort and also develop is impeccable, sound is well balanced to a high level via many kind of clear frequencies.

Good and also in my opinion exceptionally neutral soundLarge frequency spectrum rangeValuable processingVery excellent price / performance ratio

At the sound of the good: an outstanding frequency response that covers properly and also neutrally the entire spectrum of the audible, a really great spatialization, faithcompletely brought back bass, slightly valued (which is quite pleasant question of taste), precise and also crystalline medium and treble, no aggressiveness, just good! I carry out not see better at this price.In regards to comfort, it is extremely excellent too: its lightness, its artificial velvet pads (extremely soft, and also do not warm the ears even after several hours), and its foam hoop permit lengthy and pleasant hours of use! Big up on the reality that the pad and the foam of the arch are exchangeable!



SpecializationRecording and also Mixing

Package3 m Spiral cable / 3.5 mm Plug connector / 6.3 mm Adapter / Drawstring bag

The sound is wonderful, incredibly balanced, truly sensational for a closed headphone. The comfort is incredibly good, the upholstery is not made of faux leather (which becomes sticky over time and also reasons perspiration) yet of a “fabric-like” product, which is very pleasant on the skin, so that the sweating is restricted. In winter, practically no sweating! The ear-encshedding building does not produce any kind of unpleasant press on the ears. The weight is reasonably low (290 g). You have the right to wear it for hrs without getting uncomfortable.

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The only drawago I have the right to find is that the cable can not be reinserted. The upholstery of the earpiece and the holder are interchangeable, unfortunately, a cable break in this situation would certainly lead straight out. As such you have to buy one more item.

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For some, it can sound choose most money, but I have the right to just extremely recommfinish these headphones. They are even more of a purchase for life, as lengthy as you take treatment of them properly.

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