Are you looking for the finest worth acoustic guitar for money? Not sure which design to pick up? Then you NEED to view this list.

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Remember that an excellent value acoustic guitar for money is the one that you will certainly enjoy playing on to year after year. It’s not simply for discovering a couple of guitar lessons.

I picked out a list of the ideal cheap acoustic guitar under 200 to under 150 dollars for beginners, at below:

I’m gaining really excited about the innovation that’s going out. There are guitar providers that are able to make really nice guitars through cheaper product.

So probably it doesn’t sound as great as experienced models but it has still a good tone and it’s really playable.

If you are trying to find an inexpensive acoustic guitar, I picked out a list of the ideal affordable acoustic guitars under $200 for beginners for your considering.

You don’t have to issue about the construct and the sound of these guitars. They made by trusted brands and have so many positive reviews from community guitar players in years

If you’re not certain which one sounds better to your very own ear, you may want to have actually a frifinish attempt out various guitars and you need to stand also possibly 10 feet back and listen to discover out the ones that sound good to you.

How To Choose Your First Acoustic Guitar?

The first element to thinks about when picking your incredibly initially acoustic guitar is obviously your budacquire.

In my opinion, I think you’re gonna desire to spend around $150 to $200 to gain a really nice acoustic guitar.

You don’t need to concern around the $500 guitars or $1000 guitars. You can get that later after you have been much better jamming for a while.

The various other thing is accessories are essential, I would certainly suggest a clip-on tuner, guitar wall mounts, and also a basic gig bag that is a soft bag that guitar organized in tright here and also you will be great to go.

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CAHAYA 41 Inch Acoustic Guitar Bag 0.35 Inch Thick...

The next are 4 points to consider once picking your incredibly initially acoustic guitar, at below:

1. Guitar form and size:

The acoustic guitars are also of various shapes and sizes. However, the most prevalent shape acoustic guitar that you’re gonna discover is dreadnought form and grand auditorium form.


There are additionally jumbo guitars which are obviously bigger boomy or louder but they’re likewise gonna most likely be a little little even more uncomfortable to begin through.

The Parlor size guitars are a small bit smaller and also skinnier than dreadnought form. They are suited for small hands.

The ¾ dimension guitar often tends to be more like student models yet if you are a kid or you feel like your hands are small or you’re simply not certain, you could want to go for ¾ guitar.

2. Cutameans and also non-cutaway:

So, one more function that’s on the difference of kinds of the guitar in more advanced guitars commonly that is little bit cutameans.

As a beginner, this cutamethod is not something that you’re really gonna desire to concern about because when you are learning, you’re gonna spend most of your time up in the first three frets. The cutameans is more for when you getting to up and also doing soloing.

3. Guitar action:

Another element of finding out guitar that is gonna be really essential is the activity. What does the action mean?

It’s actually the distance of strings and the fretboard. If the fretboard and also these strings to higher, the harder it’s gonna be and the more strength that gonna require to get a clean tone out of it.

So you gonna desire a guitar through low action. It’ll be much less frustrating to get a clean tone out.

4. Gloss complete vs. Satin finish:

You’re gonna have actually various choices on the satin complete and gloss end up that go on the guitar.

I discover through the more affordable entry-level guitars, you’re gonna get what is referred to as a satin end up that gives your guitar look herbal. And the gloss end up provides your guitar look more expensive and glamorous.

Both gloss finish and also satin finish safeguard the guitar lumber quite well. You must just buy the ones you like.

#1. Donner DAG-1CB


Full-size cutaway dreadnought bodyBody Top: SpruceNeck, Back & Sides: MahoganyNumber of Frets: 20Tuning Machines: Die-Cast Steel

What I liked:

The neck slides smoothSounds are nice and also exceptionally percussiveThe look is nice, I favor matte finishesA good starter fill for beginnersComes through gig bag, strap, capo, strings, clip-on tuner, and picks


This Donner DAG-1CB Black Beginner Acoustic Guitar comes through full accessories that whatever you need to begin learning guitar at an affordable price.

The construct is top quality, does not feel cheap at all. Well made and extremely solid. As for the sounds, it is warmth and also bideal, an excellent percussive.

If you desire a good cheap acoustic guitar for beginners at an expensive price, this starter kit is actually a good option. You will certainly gain a decent guitar, and also everything you need: tuner, capo, carry instance, extra strings, and picks.

All in all, it is a great fill for beginners without break the bank. Highly recommend.

Summary scores:

Performance: 4.2/5Build quality: 4.5/5Value for money: 5/5

#2. Carlo Robelli F640


Dreadnought BodySpruce TopAgathis Back/SidesRosewood FingerboardFull Gloss Finish, Ivory BindingChrome Tuning Machines

What I liked:

The look is nice and also smooth gloss finishThe sound is good for students and also beginnersA quality instrument at an inexpensive


The Carlo Robelli F640 Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar is a really good choice if you are beginners or students who desire the cheap acoustic guitars that sound excellent for founding to learn to play guitar.

Check the sound and watching the review below:

I like the sound of Carlo Robelli F640 acoustic guitar, is nice and also fun. Nice looking and also feels excellent in hands.

All in all, this is acoustic guitar tends to be entry-level and also a little over, and also it is a pretty excellent option for beginners and also students. An instrument sounds good and feels good yet isn’t too expensive.

Rundown scores:

Performance: 4.3/5Build quality: 4.5/5Value for money: 5/5

#3. Orangetimber Rey Cutaway


Body Shape: Grand Auditorium CutawayTop Wood: MahoganyNeck, Back / Sides: MahoganyBridge, Fretboard: Hybrid WoodTuners: Chrome Die-CastFinish: Natural Satin

What I liked:

It looks cool designSweet and warm soundThe sound is much better, that’s even more than I intend from an entry-level acoustic guitar.A excellent beginner guitar at an inexpensive price.


The Orangetimber Rey Cutaway Mahogany acoustic guitar is not only ideal suited for beginners however a good choice for experienced guitar players.

I really like the design through the grand also auditorium cutameans body form incorporate via white binding. It is so beautiful.

The neck and fretboards are smooth without sharp-edge. The right action helps beginners learn to play it conveniently.

As for the sound, my ears are very pleased. It is a sweet and really attrenergetic one.

Check the sound and also watching the review on Youtube:

All in all, the Orangehardwood Rey Cutaway Mahogany type of acoustic guitar is a really great alternative for newbies. This is a cheap entry-level acoustic guitar however looks prefer an expensive one. You won’t be disappointed as soon as buying it.

Overview scores:

Performance: 4.6/5Build quality: 4.6/5Value for money: 5/5

#4. Sawtooth Acoustic Guitar


Dreadnought bodySpruce TopMahogany type of Back and also SidesNeck: rosewood

What I liked:

A veritable budobtain acoustic guitar however does not cheap top quality.All in one starter kit for beginners and students.The sound is fine for the price. It is clear and also bappropriate.The look is beautiful, feels good, and smooth in the hands.


This is the finest cheap acoustic guitar on amazon to buy for beginners. It comes via full accessories: situation, tuner, stand, strap, and picks at a budacquire price.

The look is nice looking via gloss satin complete. The sound is bideal. The activity is perfect for beginners.

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All in all, this is an exceptional beginner starter kit for those who desire to start learning acoustic guitar yet don’t want to break the bank.

Outline scores:

Performance: 4 /5Build quality: 4.4/5Value for money: 5/5

#5. Ibanez PN1MHOPN Performance


Body shape:: ParlorTop wood: SpruceNeck, Back & sides: MahoganyFingerboard: RosewoodBody finish: open pore herbal, high gloss naturalScale length: 24.4 in.Number of frets: 18

What I liked:

Great sound at inexpensiveA lovely look, very nice acoustic guitar for statersSmooth fretsPerfect acoustic guitar for beginners and also travelers afavor.


I must say that the Ibanez PN1MHOPN Performance is among the nice little acoustic guitars that I love the majority of.

The feels and also sounds like a full-dimension acoustic guitar but inexpensive. It is so beautiful, nice sound despite the low price. It is worth more than what you pay.

The finish is smooth, and the fit is perfect for beginners, people with little hands, and outdoor tasks.

All in all, I highly recommend the Ibanez PN1MHOPN Performance acoustic guitar. It is the finest high quality little acoustic guitars for the money. You will certainly not disapallude once choosing it.

#6. Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar


Body shape:: Dreadnought, satin organic finishSpruce peak with Jasmine Modern “X” BracingAgathis wood: ago and also sidesRosewood wood: fingerboard and also bridgeSlim neck profile, Synthetic bone nut, and saddle25-1/2″ scale length

What I Liked:

Nice looking, great sound at inexpensive.Low activity however no buzzing soundNo sharp fretsA good high quality acoustic guitar for beginners


Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar has been so renowned about the people for many type of years. You will certainly surpincrease by the good top quality and the nice sound for an inexpensive acoustic guitar.

The look is smooth and beautiful, the sound is good enough for beginners and also campfires. If you are searching for the finest cheap acoustic guitar, the Jasmine S35 is an excellent deal.

All in all, it is a great acoustic guitar for the money. Highly recommend it for starters that don’t desire to invest many money for your initially guitar before moving as much as higher-level guitar skill.

Jasmine S35 is likewise an excellent alternative for males that want a sturdy cheap guitar for campfires and backyard playing. Reading full Jasmine S35 Resee here!

#7. Gretsch G9500


Body shape: ParlorBasstimber body with X-bracing12th worry, 24”-range nato neckWalnut fingerboard with pearloid dot inlaysWalnut top-load bridge with compensated saddleSingle-ply white pickguard through “G” graphic1950s-style vintage open-gear die-cast tuning machinesNickel hardware

 What I liked

Smooth-playing fingerboardWarm and also full-sounding bassA good quality acoustic guitar for the money


Here are the words that my frifinish reviewed around Gretsch G9500: “it’s inexpensive, it’s fun, the look is nice, the activity is perfect for beginners, the sound is great

All in all, I’m sure it’s a great acoustic guitar to take for traveling or campfires without concern around damages. Its quality is much better than you would certainly expect for the price.

#8. Yamaha FD01S


Body shape: Dreadnought, satin natural finishSolid spruce: topNato (eastern Mahogany): back & sidesRosewood: fingerboard and also bridge

What I liked

An inexpensive acoustic guitar.No sharp fretsNice sound, nice lookingThe top alternative for beginners


The Yamaha Fd01S is one of the finest high quality acoustic guitars to buy for beginners. For the price, this is a good guitar at an inexpensive price, an excellent option for a beginner.

One of the plus points for Yamaha Fd01S is solid timber at the top-side. It will improve sound quality much better than other cheap acoustic guitars at the exact same price array.

All in all, tbelow are so many seasoned guitar players that recommended Yamaha Fd01S as a perfecting acoustic guitar for starters.

9. Epiphone DR100


Body shape: Dreadnought, satin natural finishTop Wood: SpruceNeck, Back & Sides Wood: MahoganyFingerboard: RosewoodNumber of Frets: 20Scale Length: 25.5″Tuning Machines: Epiphone Premium Tuners

What I liked:

Beautiful, a wonderful guitar for beginnersCheap price but the quality is excellent.Full, rich sound.No sharp frets


Epiphone DR100 is another great high quality acoustic guitar for beginners. Really nice acoustic guitar, its sound isn’t good however great enough for fun.

All in all, this is an excellent guitar for a beginner player who wants to familiarize the guitar and build skills prior to investing a high expensive acoustic guitar.

Remember: the strings affect the sound quality. I recommfinish you readjust the default strings on Epiphone DR100 by phospor bronze strings, it will certainly create a much more beautiful sound.

#10. Fender FA-115


Body shape: DreadnoughtNeck & Body Finish: GlossLaminated Spruce: TopLaminated Mahogany: Back and also SidesNeck: Nato, Frets: 20, Dot InlaysTuning Machines: Covered ChromeScale Length: 25.3” (643 mm)

What I liked

A beautiful acoustic guitar and don’t break the bankFeel smooth in handsNo sharp fretsRich and warmth sound.Good beginner acoustic guitar for the price


As with Epiphone DR100, and also Jasmine S35, the Fender FA-115 Acoustic Guitar has actually become so popular choice for beginners in many kind of years also.

The Fender FA-115 is beautiful, smooth in hands, and the sound is nice. All in all, this is an excellent first-time guitar for teens, and newbies steps in learning just how to play.

#11. Yamaha FG800


Body shape: DreadnaughtTop wood: Solid SpruceBack & sides: Nato/okumeNeck wood: NatoFingerboard: RosewoodScale length: 25″Number of frets: 20

What I liked

Gloss end up, nice looking, and also feels excellent in hands.Bbest and also crisp soundNo sharp frets, the neck is smooth up and also downA incredibly attractive pricePerfect choice for beginners and also knowledgeable players.


The Yamaha FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar is not simply the ideal acoustic guitar for beginners but also for well-players. The look is so beautiful, the sound is heat and bideal. This guitar might stick through you for years.

I’m impressed with the built and finished. The solid hardwood at the soundboard will improve the sound high quality from time to time.

In brief, this is an AMAZING guitar for both price and also high quality. It perfect option for beginners or budobtain players. I recommfinish Yamaha FG800 acoustic guitar for anyone, at any level.

#12. Ibanez AW54OPN Artwood


Dreadnought bodySolid mahogany: topMahogany: neck, earlier & sidesRosehardwood bridge and also fretboardChrome die-actors tunersOpen-pore herbal finish

What I liked:

Well-well-known brandSweet and mellow sound, even more musicallyRich sound in strummingPretty good for a budobtain guitarLow action through no buzzing


If you are trying to find a quality acoustic guitar that can stick via you for many type of years, the Ibanez AW54OPN Artwood is a perfect option. The tone is nice and simply like an expensive instrument.

This is an amazing acoustic guitar, especially for the money. It has actually all excellent functions that a guitar player wants such as deep basses, fat trebles, playcapability, and nice looks.

All in all, I very recommend Ibanez AW54OPN Artwood as a good travel acoustic guitar or an excellent first instrument that a beginner deserve to be proud to very own. I’m certain this guitar won’t make you disappointed.

#13. Alvarez Regent RF26


Dreadnought body, satin finishTop Wood: SpruceNeck, Back & Sides: MahoganyBracing System: Standard Scalloped XBridge & Fingerboard: TechwoodTuner: Chrome, Die Cast

What I liked

Beautiful look, feel great in handsThe sound is clear and bright.Pretty excellent for a budobtain guitarLow activity without buzzing


If you are looking for an acoustic guitar ideal for beginners, the Alvarez Regent RF26 is a good high quality entry-level guitar for your considering.

This inexpensive guitar and also sounds are GREAT! It’s extremely glossy and smooth in hands. I recommfinish it to someone that is on a budacquire.

#14. Washburn WD100DL


Body Type: Dreadnought, gloss finishAll Body Wood: mahoganyScale Length: 25.5″Fretboard: rosetimber, 20 FretsFretboard Radius: 15.75″ (400mm)Nut Width: 1.7″ (43mm)Bridge: rosewoodTuners: die-cast

What I liked

The intocountry is good, no worry buzzingNice lookingA budacquire acoustic guitar for beginnersNo sharp frets


The Washburn WD100DL is an additional excellent alternative if you in search of a quality acoustic guitar finest for beginners.

What I feel about Washburn WD100DL is: the appearance is great, has a beautiful sound, and plays sweet.

All in all, I highly recommend Washburn WD100DL for beginners, particularly for the price. Absolute finest bang for your buck however it doesn’t feel cheap.

Are Cheap Acoustic Guitars Worth Buying?

The cheap acoustic guitars are a good choice for people that no idea if they have the right to stick with the guitar for a long time or not. So buying a cheap guitar at a low price is the wisest.

A cheap acoustic guitar is additionally the appropriate choice for students and youngsters. You won’t concern around the damage if she/he accidentally drops it.

Most of the cheap acoustic guitars are made from laminated timber, so they extremely long lasting for temperature and also humidity. So you have the right to take it for camping, campfires, and so on.

What Is A Good Price For An Acoustic Guitar?

A excellent price for an acoustic guitar counts on what you are in search of.

It is always true: the better the top quality, the higher the price.

The excellent price for a beginner acoustic guitar is under $150.The good price for high-finish acoustic guitar that you have the right to perdevelop on phase, bars, clubs, is over $300


That is all the list of best cheap acoustic guitars that sound excellent for beginners on Amazon. These are inexpensive tools and worth buying for beginners and students.

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Thanks for stopping by, and also hopecompletely, you obtain an excellent cheap guitar for discovering to play guitar.

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