I have been looking at acquiring an acoustic lately and also I have viewed a few that have constructed in tuners. I understand that some Washburns have actually them. Are there any type of various other brands?

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I honestly thing taht the majority of brands have actually them. Or at least the brands that carry out elctric acoustic guitars. I"m a fan of alvarez.
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i have actually an ibanez with one. theyre well-known for type of crappy acoustics, yet the EW series is awesome, imo.
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I honestly thing taht most brands have them. Or at leastern the brands that perform elctric acoustic guitars. I"m a fan of alvarez.

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Oh cool. I have actually only been looking on line so far and also I guess perhaps it is so common that they don"t cite it. I am going to have to go to the save and also check them out. Any suggestions on which ones? I am not looking to spfinish too much as this will certainly be a guitar to suppliment my various other one. I desire somepoint that feels nice to play but as soon as I take it somewbelow I am not constently worrying around it gaining a little dinged up (i.e. camping, friends residences, business trips)
Ovation and also takamine mostly have actually them. many kind of guitar companies will additionally randomly offer them depending on the electronic devices that come via the guitar.generally, they perform a pretty great task because they"re ideal inside the guitar, however you never know. build in tuners are a nice function, yet must in no means be a big deciding aspect once buying a guitar. tools are all about sound... and also possibly a hint of style.
I agree with chippythingy, gain a sepeprice tuner, i have actually a new Tak via a developed in tuner yet it seems to sound much better once i tune it with my other tuner...
I guess you men are right, it would certainly be stupid to by a guitar just because of a tuner. Especially given that I already have a pair. I"m going to need to go to the keep and also try out a pair and also check out which ones I prefer. I will more than likely go with a directly acoustic instead of an acoustic electrical unless you men have actually any other suggestions.Also many thanks a lot for all the good input.
My friend newly bought a Parklumber electric/acoustic for $800, I don"t recognize what version it is, yet I do know it"s among the best feeling and also nicest sounding acoustics I have ever played. I don"t think there"s a much better acoustic in the world for the money. It has Fishman integrated controls.EDIT: I"m pretty sure it"s this one.http://www.musiciansfrifinish.com/product/Parkwood-PW360M-Cutaway-Acoustic-Electric-Guitar?sku=512552

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