Choosing an Acoustic Guitar by Body Shape

Not all acoustic guitars are shaped the very same. If you want to pick the acoustic guitar that is right for you, remember that a guitar’s form will certainly affect the sound. If you have actually a basic concept of the sound that you want, then you can concentrate your search approximately guitars that have forms that will most likely create the sound that you want. But in the end, you have to really use your ears once deciding. Design differences between equipments deserve to produce some starkly different sonic features, also among guitars that have the specific exact same shape! I’ve created this short article to present you the impact that body shape will have actually on sound.

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To demonstrate this result, we’ve made a brief video making use of 3 various guitars developed by Jean Larivee. All 3 guitars are made by the exact same maker, via the specific same tone woods and building and construction approaches, however with different body shapes. This must provide us a reasonably great test of the impact shape has on sound, all other points being equal. You deserve to really hear a difference in their sound! The strumming test provides the differences a lot of evident.

Thanks to Gary at Chagar Music for lending us the guitars for this video!

What are the various acoustic guitar body shapes?

Different guitar shapes create various sounds. This is the many necessary point to remember. But what are the the majority of common guitar body shapes? In basic, the forms listed from smallest to largest are: Parlor, OO, OOO, Orchestra Model, Grand also Auditorium, Dreadnaught, Slope-Shouldered Dreadnaught, and also Jumbo.

If you are in search of Martin, Takamine, and various other major guitar brands, you will certainly have actually watched these body shapes names prior to. However before, a quick internet search will present that guitar shapes and also names might not be consistent. Its exceptionally common for individual guitar machines to invent brand-new names for their models. Everett guitars names their acoustic guitar models “Sofia”, “Catalina” and “Alienzo”. Collings takes an extra typical approach, even though they vary the traditional names. For example, they speak to their rounded-shoulder dreadnought the “Collings Jumbo”. Their version 0 equivalent is called the “O series” through variations “01”, “02H”, and “03”.

The descriptions listed below are not exact requirements, because each various maker produces variations upon these general forms, which additionally affects the sound. Instead think about the descriptions as a basic overview which will certainly have many exceptions.

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Almeans remember to use your ears and also first as you shop approximately and try many type of different guitars as you deserve to. Choose a guitar that is basic to play and sounds excellent. The look must be additional.

The guitar shapes we list right here are ordered from smallest body size to largest body size. We don’t list dimensions bereason they can differ greatly by manufacturer or maker.


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