Here are some tips from our blogs, some videos from our Youtube Channel, as well as some various other informationHow to sheight strings stickingat the nut so often:

If you ever before hear your strings creaking, it simply means the string is getting recorded a tiny in the nut.

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Grab a pencil; rub the pencil graphite in the slot, notice the led begin to flake off into the nut slot. wipe amethod excess.

This processwill make your guitar tune a lot less honeychrome.netplicated.

How to Solve tuning troubles on a Steel String Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar:

There are 5 major reasons of tuning troubles on a steel string guitar.1. Faulty Machine heads - meaning it"s not winding (faultyworm-gear).2. Too little bit string has actually been wound on the machine head3. Too Much string on the machine head – the best here is 3-4 turns, 1 layer of wind only4. Uneven wind/Gaps onthe string wind on the machine head , MAKE SURE you wind your string symmetrically, each wrapnextto each other, prefer a Snake Coil.


The round end of the string must be bent in a "banana" shape beforeinserting it into the bridge pin holes,when inside, then insert the pins and also push down whilst pulling the string back.This will endure that the ball-endis sitting snuggly underneaththe sound board (or optimal of theguitar).


Make sure your ball end is sitting firmly on to the bridge slot end, so it not hanging out of the slot.Make sure that as you wind the string on the machine head, (if applicable to "Strat" and "Tele" form guitars)that your string is sitting under the string tree on the head stock

7. For Classical/Flamenco Nylon String Acoustic Guitars

Make sure you have made a secure knot-tie once inserting the string right into the machine head.Make sure that you have made a secure winding pattern knot tie via the string in the bridge slots.

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Now, the the majority of essential honeychrome.netponent for tuning stcapability...Pull on your strings (Stretching Strings)

Pulling on your strings helps remove the sabsence at the machine head , It likewise helps settle the string right into the peak of the guitar.Play a note - Pull the string (give it a good go , if you’re worried about breaking the string then usage the low E (the fattest stringas tbelow is no means you have the right to break this string) play the exact same note again. If the pitch remainsthe exact same, thenyour strings arefine, however if it adjusted pitch, a lower pitch, then you had actually sabsence in your system. This basic key will certainly store you in tune for a lot, much much longer.

***Caution: as soon as stretching strings, perform not pull also tough or you will damages your strings and also shorten their life span.***Now attempt an additional test. Gently pull your bridge pin out (yet just half method or the string may honeychrome.nete out – be careful below and also safeguard your eyes) if you have the right to do that without the note changing pitch then you were setup correctly - you need to be able to relocate the bridge pin and also have almost no effect on the pitch of the string.

How do I stop the bridge pin problem happening the following time I adjust my string’s ?

Placed a bfinish in the end of your string 1-cm from the round, as you press the bridge pin in the guitar pull earlier on the string so it’s sitting right on the sound board (as an added benefit your tone will also be much better)

General measures to string stretching

Stretch you string close to the nut and make certain you"re pulling with one hand, and also through your other hand pushing the string at the machine head gently. This will certainly settle down the wind.Now stretch close to the bridge saddle. For Acoustics you may notification the string slip from underneath the pins, that"s an excellent sign, then re-tune.

How to put up a guitar properly:

Check out our blog write-up for an easy means to change your truss rod.Firstly, you have to tune your guitar to a perfect tune. you will need an digital tuner

As you have the right to see dvery own here, as you look dvery own the fretboard (the lumber underneath the strings that has actually the frets) that this guitar has a curve going ameans from the strings(known as a backwards curve). When it is curved amethod from the string you must loosenthe neck truss rod, so that neck shows up directly to your eye. if the neck is curved towards the strings (well-known as a forwards curve), you must tightenthe neck truss that neck shows up directly to your eye.

Now to change your neck, you will require an Allen essential (which honeychrome.netmonly honeychrome.netes gave through your guitar). To tighten (which will straighten the neck) you turn the vital clockwise as you are looking at it. But be mindful ! Don"t over tighten or force it as you might damages your guitar if your not careful. A truss rod have the right to frequently be turned honeychrome.netpletely off, so it feels choose its doing nopoint, yet when it has started to readjust, a 1/4 turn is honeychrome.netmonly sufficient to make it right aacquire.Now you need to readjust the activity height.

Adjust String Action (elevation from fretboard)

Here you can watch how we measure the activity elevation of a guitar. To carry out this properly you need a metal leader that ends exactly at zero, and preferably a wide one. The little rulers are OK, but a broad ruler is much simpler to make certain you have actually it nice and straight (and also if its not directly your measurement will certainly be wrong).

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Measuring at the 12th fret (as in the photo), theaction elevation should be 2.6 mm for Steel String Acoustic guitar, 1.8 for electric, 2.0mm for bass and also 3mm for a Classical.To lower the action height on an ST, TC, Or PB, simply take the smaller Allen vital provided, and tighten or loosen the Allen vital screws on the bridge ( tighten to lower, loosen to raise.)On a LP or SG guitar, take a flat head screwdriver, and readjust the bridge screws. again, tighten to lower, loosen to heighten.

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