Introducing youngsters to tools at a very early age is smart parenting, as many type of studies have presented that kids who play music execute better in college and also in social life.

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The guitar is a straight forward option if you desire to buy your child an instrument. It’s cool, inexpensive, and also though it takes exercise and also patience, it’s not overly hard to learn.

If you don’t play guitar yourself, you most likely have a lot of concerns on what size guitar is good for your kid, just how much you must spend, which guitars are suitable for youngsters, and so on I’ve been playing guitar for 20+ years and also have actually 2 tiny children who have began also.

This guide involves what I’ve learned through experience in picking the best guitar for kids.


Best acoustic guitars for kidsBest electrical guitars for kids

Is an electric or acoustic guitar much better for kids?

Choosing in between the 2 is all about preference.

You need to discover out the sort of music your child is fond of listening to. For example, if he fancies Metallica and AC/DC, the best alternative for him would probably be an electrical guitar.

Remember that if you get an electrical guitar, you’ll additionally need a guitar amplifier. Thankcompletely, recent demand has prompted guitar companies to market customers starter packs that function the guitar, an amplifier, and additional accessories.

The ideal component about electric guitars is that they are mostly user-friendly and also compared to acoustic guitars, your kid will discover the strings easier to press down on.

However before, if your son hasn’t yet shown a notable liking to music yet, and also you are just trying to acquire him acquainted via a guitar as a hobby, then an acoustic timeless guitar would be the better alternative.

An acoustic guitar has actually either nylon or steel strings. A nylon-stringed acoustic is, in many cases, offered for classic music. This is called a classical guitar.

Although you might be tempted to acquire your beginner kid a nylon string guitar bereason the strings will be gentler on his fingers, you should store in mind that these guitars additionally have actually a wider neck. This have the right to pose a challenge for your kid’s hand also once playing.

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You’d be much better put going for a constant steel-string guitar if you decide to buy an acoustic guitar. You’ll realize you made the ideal option as your boy learns to play it.

What guitar size is ideal for kids?

A guitar of the ideal size will certainly prevent possible frustrations as your son starts learning to play the instrument.

The body size, and the dimension of the guitar’s neck, need to be substantially smaller for youngsters guitars. This is necessary, as youngsters cannot take care of guitars that are also big for them.

The measurement for little body guitars is based either on the range, e.g. ¼ range guitar or distance between the nut and bridge, e.g. 30 inches. The range, in this case, is the distance from the nut to the bridge, and have the right to likewise describe the area on the string that vibrates once it is plucked.

When considering kid’s guitars, the all at once size might not be the ideal indicator. This is because kids will execute much better on a guitar that has a shorter neck based, chosen based upon their age or elevation.

The best way to go as soon as determining the right dimension of guitar for a kid, is the range. A shorter scale goes hand also in hand via a shorter neck.

There are commonly 3 main sizes of kid’s guitars, and also once selecting the best dimension for your child, the 2 vital facets to take into consideration are age and also elevation.

Guitar scaleChild ageHeight
1/44-6 years old3’9″ (110 cm)
1/25-8 years old4’3″ (130 cm)
3/48-11 years old4’8″ to 5’1″ (142-155 cm)

Your child’s elevation is even more important tha period. If he’s a big one and drops into a larger scale than based upon his age, go for the larger one.

Loog Mini & ProInnovative 3 string building to make learning less complicated.

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1/2 & 3/4 scale(age 5-12)Details

Yamaha FG JR1 or JR2

This 3/4 scale, steel-stringed acoustic guitar is probably your finest choice. It is priced well, has actually a solid spruce top for a full tone, and also is a great top quality beginner guitar. I’d go for the JR2 model, it’s available on Amazon. The Yamaha JR1 is incredibly comparable, but the JR2 is made of better lumber and does not cost a lot more.

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