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About My Name, HoneyChrome

The name HoneyChrome came from a dream. I had a dream about bees. There was a huge hive developing on a picnic table on a farm. My immediate family was there, eating or just hanging right beside the hive.

The bees were not aggressive, they were peaceful and minding their own business – as were we. That’s it. I woke up and immediately researched bee symbolizing in dreams. It generally represents hard work, hence the phrase “busy as a bee.”

I was in the midst of transitioning into a freelance career and maturing my web design business so a new name and logo was nessecary. I was anticipating hard work ahead. it can also represent the product of the bee’s work, which last much longer after the work is done and is sent out into the world to keep it healthy (honey.) Thanks Chris Albert for that addition.

I started playing with a logo that eventually evolved into the one seen here. Honey came from the bee dream and the rewards received from hard work. Chrome came from my interest in shiny, sleek futuristic things. Long story short – HoneyChrome was first used for my creative business name.

In 2013 I was going through a transition in my music career and needed to do the same thing I did for my web businesses – choose a new name and logo. It was only fitting to switch back to my given name for business and adorn the HoneyChrome moniker as my artist name.