HoneyChrome is transcending barriers across pop, alternative & EDM. Armed with a laptop, Kaossilator, a mic and a vision, he is carving a unique path in today’s musical landscape.

honeychrome smile

Comparisons run wide from Depeche Mode to The Pet Shop Boys & Air – HoneyChrome is constantly pushing the boundary of what is happening now into the future. In a world over-saturated with singing TV shows & push button magic, HoneyChrome is doing something different. Always creating new music & always looking for inspiration to find out what’s next instead of what is now. What is next is HoneyChrome.

Artist Statement

— As an artist, my lyrics are the core of my mission. Profoundly positive and uplifting, words and sound energy are tools for healing. The sound is a vessel for the healing words. Music is sound frequency and vocal vibration is integrated into my music to produce aural stimulation that converts into positive feelings and awareness of higher-self. Come dance and sing with us. We are the light. You are the light. – HoneyChrome

I am inspired by waves of energy. They come from inside and from external sources. My personal life, global issues, fun memories I want to hold on to – anything that moves my soul can inspire a song. It can hit at any time but usually when my mind is quiet like in the shower or before bed. Most of the time I will receive a melody in my mind then push it through my vocal chords and shape rough words for the first go round, just to get it out. I usually get the whole chorus or hook in a matter of minutes.

About My Name, HoneyChrome

The name HoneyChrome came from a dream. I had a dream about bees. There was a huge hive developing on a picnic table on a farm. My immediate family was there, eating or just hanging right beside the hive. The bees were not aggressive, they were peaceful and minding their own business – as were we. That’s it. I woke up and immediately researched bee symbolizing in dreams. It generally represents hard work, hence the phrase “busy as a bee.” I was in the midst of transitioning into a freelance career and maturing my web design business so a new name and logo was nessecary. I was anticipating hard work ahead.

I started playing with a logo that eventually evolved into the one seen here. Honey came from the bee dream and the rewards received from hard work. Chrome came from my interest in shiny, sleek futuristic things. Long story short – HoneyChrome was first used for my creative business name. in 2013 I was going through a transition in my music career and needed to do the same thing I did for my web businesses – choose a new name and logo. It was only fitting to switch back to my given name for business and adorn the HoneyChrome moniker as my artist name.

I had been writing and making music for years before making the decision to buckle down and improve my production skills. I was going to rave after rave in Brooklyn and NYC. One specific night I saw a bunch of DJs playing in the main room at Webster Hall. I thought… “If they can travel the world playing other people’s music, why can’t I – and play my own?” That was THE SINGULAR MOMENT I realized I had to take matters into my own hands to propel my music career forward.