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cool bass guitars

Cool bass guitars

Last Updated: November 19, 2019 After loads of changes in the world of bass guitar, we decided to revise our main bass article to reflect these changes, While we removed a few models, we saw plenty of new additions

martin d16gt review

Martin d16gt review

Dennis from Canada July 2, 2020 Music Background:Been playing for 60 years, Still record and gig

audio-technica ath-m30x review

Audio-technica ath-m30x review

Giới thiệu về hãng âm thanh Audio-Technica Audio-Technica  là thương hiệu âm thanh đến từ Nhật Bản và được thành lập vào năm 1962 tại Tokyo, Công ty chuyên nghiên cứu và sản xuất những thiết bị âm thanh như Microphone cao cấp, Kim đọc mâm đĩa than, loa và các thiết bị tương tự

acoustic guitar amplifiers

Acoustic guitar amplifiers

Refine Your Search Availability Brand Price Range $to$ Financing What is this? Color Series Number of Channels Microphone Input Total Power Effects Buying Guide "> What is this? Height Width Depth Weight ToneWoodAmp Solo for Electro-Acoustic Guitars Attachable Amplifier for Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Effects Fishman Loudbox Artist BT 120-watt 1x8" Acoustic Combo

marshall code amps review

Marshall code amps review

It is absolutely no secret that Marshall is a brand known for their legendary tube guitar amps, However, their solid state and modeling offer, as less favorable as it is, actually keeps up in terms of quality and performance

best volume pedal

Best volume pedal

To find the Best Volume pedals, you need to first appreciate their value, There are a lot of effects pedals, most of which contribute to the tone of the instrument

hercules 3 guitar stand

Hercules 3 guitar stand

Classic #guitargeek problem… too many instruments… not enough space, Welcome to your world the Hercules triple stand

best practice amps

Best practice amps

Finding the right place to practice can be a pain, If you’re lucky, you’ve got a garage or a basement you can commandeer for a few hours at night

m audio oxygen 49 review

M audio oxygen 49 review

M­Audio’s controllers are pretty popular these days – and for a good reason, The brand likes to do things right and deliver products which are compatible, efficient and reasonably priced

best octave pedal

Best octave pedal

An octave stomp can open creative doors in myriad ways—from adding muscle to your sound to unleashing octave-fuzz assaults, simulating a 12-string, and more, Whether fattening up your clean tone, creating an all-out octave-fuzz assault, simulating a 12-string, or something just completely different, an octave effect can turn your guitar into a whole ’nother animal and inspire your sound crafting

metal guitar brands

Metal guitar brands

In the early days, guitar manufacturers all started in the same way, They all built guitars that were pretty similar, only to specialize more for certain genres as time went by

martin drs2 review

Martin drs2 review

Designed specifically for the price sensitive player, we review the Martin DRS2 Dreadnought to see if it really does deliver traditional Martin tone at an affordable price, The Martin DRS2: Amazing Acoustics Electrified The DRS2 at a Glance: Build Quality Playability What Does the Martin DRS2 Sound Like? Features Pros and Cons Compare Similar Manufacturer’s Guitars: Final Thoughts: Is The Martin DRS2 Worth The Money?The Martin DRS2: Amazing Acoustics ElectrifiedLegendary Martin tone and solid-wo

fender player series stratocaster review

Fender player series stratocaster review

Fender knows the audience it’s aiming for with the Player series, and based on the performance of our review Stratocaster, it’s hit the bull’s-eye, ByArt Thompson08 April 2020Introduced this past July at the Summer NAMM show, the new Player series guitars seek to lure younger guitarists to authentic Fender sound and vibe

guitar trivia

Guitar trivia

Whether you are writing a quiz, want to impress your friends, or just have an insatiable curiosity about guitar, a good fact always goes down very well, This is why we have compiled 12 of the most interesting facts from the world of guitar – the biggest, the smallest and the weirdest! #1 – The First Guitar was Created in Ancient EgyptWell… in some senses it was, although the guitar-like instrument created 3,500 years ago (now, that’s a vintage guitar!) is a far cry from the guitars we play toda

guitar string gauge guide

Guitar string gauge guide

There is no doubt that strings greatly affect the tone and playability of your electric guitar, Let"s face it, if you don"t want it to be just another percussion instrument in your collection, you need strings

best strings for metal

Best strings for metal

Updated on February 24, 2021 by Gavin Whitner | Please note that there may be affiliate links on this page, The Dunlop DHCN1048 is a six-string set engineered for heavy music, impactful chugging, and fast string attack

fender parlor guitar

Fender parlor guitar

We're always adding musical instruments that can ship internationally, Email us and we'll pass along your request to the manufacturer

yamaha fg730s acoustic guitars

Yamaha fg730s acoustic guitars

I love this guitar more than my Martin which costs twice as much, Sounds great and the neck is so easy to playIm happy I got it from Sweetwater because it came perfectly set up

epiphone sg g-310

Epiphone sg g-310

Epiphone’s guitars have always been a gateway into legendary models for those on a budget, Epiphone SG-310 brings a whole lot of style at a reasonable price

amp vst

Amp vst

With thousands of amp sims on the market it’s hard to figure out which one’s right for you, So to help you find the perfect fit, We’ve put together this list: The 15 Best Amp Sims of 2021!Want to Make Incredible Music?Having the right tools is important, but they won’t help if you don’t know how to use them

taylor academy a12e

Taylor academy a12e

6-string Acoustic-electric Guitar with Sitka Spruce Top, Layered Sapele Back and Sides, Hard Rock Maple Neck, Ebony Fingerboard, and Taylor ES-B Electronics - Natural Satin This item requires extra delivery time from Taylor, Reserve yours now, risk-free, or contact us for more information

best electronic drum set under 1000

Best electronic drum set under 1000

DisclosureWe recommend all products independently of 3rd parties including advertisers, We earn advertising fees from:• • • • •• • • • •AmazonAs an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases

jameson acoustic electric guitar

Jameson acoustic electric guitar

One of the superior quality acoustic electric guitar you can purchase at an affordable price includes this R, W

vocal harmonizer pedals

Vocal harmonizer pedals

Check Price on AmazonOur budget pick is the TC-Helicon Harmony Singer 2, This easy to use pedal gives you one to two voices of realistic vocal harmony (guided by your guitar), superb reverb effects and adaptive tone for perfect EQ

small guitar name

Small guitar name

With a myriad of different types of guitar out there, here’s a guide to help you,

yamaha ls6

Yamaha ls6

Yamaha’s long-running L Series (the L standing for ‘luxury) had something of a makeover in 2014, with all new models showing off innovative features that enhance the tone and overall feel of the instrument, The LS6 is the smaller-bodied model of the series, with a mix of solid and laminate woods to keep things affordable – which is why it features in our chart on the best sub-$500 acoustics

cheap audio interfaces

Cheap audio interfaces

One of the most important aspects of home recording is finding the right audio interface for your setup, Audio interfaces range in price from under $50 to over $1000

ibanez parlor guitar

Ibanez parlor guitar

6-string Acoustic Guitar with Spruce Top, Nyatoh Back and Sides, and Nandu Fingerboard - Natural Gloss Spruce-topped nyatoh is a singer-songwriter"s favoriteBetween its comfortable parlor-sized body and its combination of spruce on a back and sides made of nyatoh, this Ibanez PN1 acoustic guitar offers many of the characteristics that Sweetwater guitarists look for in an accompaniment instrument, For starters, although the parlor-sized body projects well, its overall loudness competes less with

mini guitars

Mini guitars

Handcrafted miniature guitar replica collectibles of the finest and most famous rock star guitars in the world, Aged Custom Shop Fender™ Strat™ Miniature Guitar Replica - Officially Licensed $ 35

strap locks

Strap locks

A strap lock is one of those essential guitar accessories that may not seem that important… until your guitar slips off its strap mid-strum and crashes to the floor! This is why guitar strap locks are such an important consideration for any guitarist, Whether your strap doesn’t fit perfectly or you simply want that extra peace of mind, using a strap lock results in a worry-free playing experience, no matter what you are doing with your guitar on stage

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