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acoustic electric guitar package

Acoustic electric guitar package

Acoustic Guitar Value Packages  (6) Electric Guitar Value Packages  (4) Classical & Nylon Guitar Value Packages  (1) Mitchell  (3) Woodrow Guitars  (2) eMedia  (2) Rogue  (2) C, B

jameson guitars

Jameson guitars

Jameson Guitars Full Size Thinline ReviewWhile there’s many cheap guitars on the market, there’s very few we’ll actually put our stamp of approval on, Mainly because they’re pieces of crap

warlock guitar

Warlock guitar

A couple of years ago, Praxis Musical Instruments signed a worldwide contract with Hanser Music Group to own the B, C

value amp

Value amp

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fender vintage noiseless telecaster pickups

Fender vintage noiseless telecaster pickups

As a Fender enthusiast, I love the piercing bite and attack from single-coil pickups, However, I loathe the usual buzz, hiss, and noise booming from my amp caused by them

fender cd60ce review

Fender cd60ce review

Patrick Allen from New York February 12, 2017 Music Background:Intermediate going for Full time performer It exceeds what I was expecting, I"m an electric guitar player, but thought about dabbling a little in acoustic tonality

fender mini twin amp

Fender mini twin amp

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yamaha pacifica 311h

Yamaha pacifica 311h

While the name may not hold the prestige of brands such as Fender or Gibson, Yamaha deserve big respect for their popular Pacifica series, with a range of quality guitars that defy their price tags, Their stylish Pacifica 311H is an affordable version of the upgraded mid-range custom shop 611HFM, and reaffirms that the Japanese giants are not afraid to try something different in the mid-range market

fender strap locks

Fender strap locks

US DollarsEuroAustralian Dollars Brazil Reais Canadian Dollars Swiss Francs Chinese Yuan Danish Kroner South Korean Won Mexican Pesos Norwegian Kroner New Zealand Dollars British PoundsRussian Rubles South African Rands Swedish KronorJapanese Yen About This Item Set of two Fender Strap Locks for use on nearly any Fender instrument, Special strap buttons for the instrument and special locks for the strap keep guitars and basses safe and secure

best metal guitars

Best metal guitars

Equipboard is the world"s largest community of artists and their gear, Since 2013 we have been on a mission to bring you the best music gear for your money

fender mustang gt40 review

Fender mustang gt40 review

It must be tough for Fender to try to improve the Mustang when it’s been perfected so many times before, However, they’ve done it again with the Mustang GT 40, which is crammed with power, versatility and technology, all at a surprising under $300 price tag

electric guitar string sizes

Electric guitar string sizes

We offer up a quick and easy guide toElectric Guitar StringGauges so you can choose the right set for your playing style and your guitarChoosingelectric guitar stringscan be a little bit daunting if you don’t know what you’re looking for or if you’ve not been through the “trial and error” phase that we all must go through as guitarists, But not to worry, as today we’re going to explain the different types of electric guitar string gauges so you have a better idea of what you need to look for wh

metal guitar pickups

Metal guitar pickups

While metal is a broad term covering so many individual styles, the genre is defined by one thing – energetic, aggressive, and colossal guitar sounds, It doesn’t matter whether it’s nu metal or Djent, retro or modern, Slipknot or Metallica, all metal bands share an immense guitar tone you can’t help but thrash along to

fender squier vintage modified jaguar bass special ss

Fender squier vintage modified jaguar bass special ss

While choosing to play bass over a six-stringed guitar may seem like an easier choice, it can still be a physically demanding instrument for beginners – especially those with smaller hands – due to the thicker strings and longer neck, This is why a shorter scaled instrument, such as this Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS from Fender’s budget subsidiary Squier is such a great bass for beginners

fender acoustasonic 40

Fender acoustasonic 40

Pros: Can be used for multiple purposes Lightweight and portable Extremely durable Quite affordable Those, who are connected to electric guitars at least slightly, are highly likely to know the name of Fender, Their Stratocaster and Telecaster made history, revolutionizing the music industry

squier mini strat electric guitar package

Squier mini strat electric guitar package

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best 3/4 guitar

Best 3/4 guitar

Looking for the best 3/4 size kids acoustic guitar? A 3/4sized acoustic guitar will make a perfect beginner guitar for a child aged 8 and over (around 4′ 6” plus), or even just as a petite option for players with smaller hands, We also have a guide for 1/2 size acoustic guitars for even younger kids!What Is The Best 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar?Yamaha JR-1 – Most Popular 3/4 Size AcousticYamaha APX-T2 Electro-Acoustic – Most Versatile ChoiceRogue 3/4 Pack – Best Budget OptionScroll down a little for

most expensive production guitar

Most expensive production guitar

Editors Note: This article was last updated in March 2021, New guitars sell all the time so we do our best to keep things fairly current by revising our most expensive guitars list every year or so

best sounding ukulele

Best sounding ukulele

Last Updated: November 19, 2019 We revisited this important article charting all kinds of ukulele and decided to replace a few older models to reflect changes in the current market, We removed the Cordoba 32T and the EleUke Electric Peanut, then added the cool Fender Grace VanderWaal Signature uke as well as the popular Luna Tattoo Tenor*

fender stratocaster pickups

Fender stratocaster pickups

Love your Fender Stratocaster but want to upgraded the stock tone with the best replacement Strat pickups on the market? Not a problem! As one of the most influential guitars ever made, the Fender Stratocaster has a huge aftermarket pickup scene that offers nearly any Strat tone imaginable, Whether you"re looking for something as close to vintage as possible, a set that"s hotter than stock or maybe just single-coil pickups that can cancel the hum, we"ve ranked the very best Stratocaster pickups

epiphone zenith

Epiphone zenith

Shop Epiphone Masterbilt Century Zenith Classic Archtop from AMS with 0% Interest Payment Plans and Free Shipping, 5 out of 5 stars Read 13 Review(s)13 The Masterbilt Zenith Classic Acoustic/Electric Guitar is a medium-sized archtop with an arched Solid Spruce top with traditional Longitudinal Bracing, a laminated Flame Maple body, and classic f- holes

best nylon strings

Best nylon strings

Established in 1974, D’Addario is one of the leading manufacturers of instrument strings (though primarily guitar strings) and instrument accessories currently on the market, Currently based on Farmingdale, Long Island, D’Addario is still a family owned and operated company

fender fa135ce concert acoustic electric guitar

Fender fa135ce concert acoustic electric guitar

Gear returned in mint condition, If you're looking for a virtually new instrument in possibly less-than-perfect packaging, this is a great value

maestro guitar review

Maestro guitar review

Hello and welcome to my Gibson Maestro acoustic guitar review, I bought this guitar around 10 months ago as a do up guitar

sterling audio st59

Sterling audio st59

Sterling Audio is one of those brands which flirt with boutique title, but rarely cross the line, All you need to do is look at Sterling Audio ST59 to understand what we mean

fender mustang head

Fender mustang head

Modelling Guitar Amp Head de la marque Fender appartenant à la série Mustang Amp, Product replaced by the Fender Mustang V Head (V

jameson guitar reviews

Jameson guitar reviews

 Acoustic guitars come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, Some are very bulky and large, while others are quite petite

acoustic guitar with built in tuner

Acoustic guitar with built in tuner

I have been looking at getting an acoustic lately and I have seen a few that have built in tuners, I know that some Washburns have them

fender sonoran sce acoustic electric guitar

Fender sonoran sce acoustic electric guitar

Our VerdictA good sounding, great looking, top value for money acoustic: are you ready to be noticed?ProsFun, attractive retro looks, Surprisingly "grown-up" sounds

baby taylor review

Baby taylor review

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