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Build Yours Custom Guitar Neck

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Build Yours Custom Bass Body

Bass Neck


Build Yours Custom Bass Neck

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Deluxe 5 String Bass Guitar Necks

Standard HeadstockReplacement Neckfor Deluxe 5 14mmholes for GB7
Standard 4+1Headstock ReplacementNeck for Deluxe 5 17mm holes forBML Lite
Tele® HeadstockReplacement Neckfor Deluxe 5 14mmholes for GB7
* 13°Tiltback Headstock withDeluxe 5 Compatibleheel dimensions14mm holes for GB7
Asymmetric neck profile for maximum hand comfort. Shape exaggerated for effect. Deluxe 5 Necks feature our traditional SuperBass building and construction for rock solid stcapability and tone. The ago is shaped asymmetrically to keep perceived neck mass down and also produce a thinner, quick feeling neck. The bass side of the neck is thicker, via the treble side being thinner. Your thumb will uncover straightforward recommendation as your hand also glides up and down the neck -- a very comfortable neck to play.
Basic Neck Dimensions
Please closely compare these specifications with your body considering that Fender® Deluxe 5, 22 fret Bass criteria differ from year to year and also design to model.
Standard Deluxe 5 String Bass Guitar Neck Features
34" scale through 22 frets 10" radius fretboard - 1/4" thick Triple reincompelled truss rod mechanism 5-in-line headstocks have 14mm machine holes for Gotoh GB7 Tuners 4+1 headstock has 17mm machine holes for Schaller BML Lite Tuners Asymmetric neck profile

Pricing Table

Birdseye Maple$236$256$266$273$301$321$366
Roasted Maple$255$275$285$292$320$340$385
Quartersawn Maple$280$300$310$317$345$365$410
Flame Maple$300$310$317$345$365$410
Goncalo Alves$300$310$317$345$365$410
Roasted Flame Maple$335$355$365$372$400$420$465
Indian Rosewood$380$400$410$417$445$465$510
3A Birdseye Maple$400$420$430$437$465$485$530

Pricing Table

Birdseye Maple$261$281$291$298$326$346$391
Flame Maple$305$325$335$342$370$390$435
Indian Rosewood$425$435$442$470$490$535
3A Birdseye Maple$425$445$455$462$490$510$555

Just include the prices displayed listed below to the ones in the table over to pick the actual piece of wood offered for your fretboard! Make sure to incorporate the fretboard number through your order.

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Featured fretboardsEbony (Macassar)Flame MaplePau Ferro
Birdseye MapleFigured ZiricoteIndian Rosehardwood (Dark)

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