Choon $NOTES Are Now Unlocked!

2019-01-04T20:13:59+00:00December 1st, 2018|Choon Diary|

It’s been a long time coming. (Not really!) but today is finally the day. Choon’s cryptocurrency token, $NOTES, are officially unlocked as of the writing of this update! It’s December 1st, 2018 and the NOTES are free. This means $NOTES can be bought and sold. We will see how the value develops once the token hits a few cryptocurrency exchanges. There were a few showing interest on Twitter, including an exchange that took a poll of which coin to list next, of which Choon lead the way! Read the full official release notes on Medium.

Fellow Choon artist Marco Svarda wrote a user-friendly article about what the unlock really means for artists and users.

Choon Trance made a $NOTES value ticker! check it out here


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