General Update & Artists for Life

2019-01-06T01:38:44+00:00September 25th, 2018|Choon Diary|

Since The announcement of the token unlock delay, things have been a bit quiet at Choon. Still growing, but calm. A lot of people are questioning the platform, and rightfully so – but the Choon team and the artists on Choon are helping to educate those interested. Every product goes through a vetting stage – this is Choon’s.

We’ve seen some new people in the ChoonHQ telegram and that’s cool. Plus Kyrptokind and Clyde Rouge spearheaded the first every charity on Choon, and their goal is to buy the rainforest. Sign me up!! I’ll make one of my next songs donate some to the cause. So cool! A great use case example of smart contracts in the real world.

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