How to Get your ASCAP/BMI registered Music on Choon with a Direct License

2019-01-06T01:40:12+00:00August 31st, 2018|Choon Diary|

When Choon first launched, we were not allowed to upload music that is registered with a performing rights organizations (PRO) like BMI and ASCAP. This was a big roadblock for me. Not for every artist on Choon, but for a good handful of us. There are benefits to signing with a PRO, even if you aren’t getting a ton of spins yet. I am collecting royalties for every live show I perform. That’s pretty cool. I was going to considering giving up my BMI contract if Choon $NOTES held enough value to compensate. Turns out we don’t have to decide, and can do both, with a direct license.

Check out my article on Medium about the proper process to get your BMI/ASCAP registered songs on Choon!


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