As a person with strong emotional awareness, I’m always looking for new music to make me feel better or maintain my good mood. I figured there were others like me that want more of those good feeling songs.

Boost your mood with my playlist of healing pop music

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honeychrome heals


Friends have always praised my taste in music and I often introduce people to new artists. Here is my first list of songs to boost your mood. The links open the songs in Spotify.

  1. Up We Go – Lights
  2. Army – Ellie Goulding
  3. Sprout – HoneyChrome
  4. Jupiter Baby – Waterbed
  5. #1 In Heaven – MNDR
  6. Go! – Postilijonen
  7. Looking Up – SafetySuit
  8. Feel Good – Walking Shapes
  9. Feeling – Client Liasion

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mood booster boomerang by honeychrome