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classical guitar stand

Classical guitar stand

Last Updated: Jan-31-2019Although many of our original recommendations still remain, we have completely overhauled our article and chart on the best guitar stands, adding a few new models including the beautiful Zither Wooden Guitar Stand and the pro-grade Hydra Triple Guitar Stand from D&A Guitar Gear, Even the most dedicated guitarist won’t play their axe 24/7 – we all need to eat and sleep! When a guitar is not in use, more often than not you will want it either protected in a good case or re

taylor 814ce review

Taylor 814ce review

A refreshed Taylor 814ce offers many reasons why it’s among the world’s most popular acoustic guitarsImpressive to first time players and hardcore Taylor Guitar fans alike Specs for the 814ce include: Grand Auditorium size; Indian rosewood back and sides with Venetian cutaway; Sitka spruce top with Relief Rout; Advanced Performance bracing; high gloss thin finish; 1-3/4″ mahogany neck and heel with satin finish, marbled ebony fingerboard with mother of pearl Element fret markers; black ebony bri

m-audio av32

M-audio av32

× Products Support Company Account Artists International Upgrade your sound with the AV32 monitor speakers from M-Audio, The acoustically-inert MDF cabinets eliminate clarity-robbing resonances

blues bass guitars

Blues bass guitars

Learning to play a basic blues bass guitar line is a really useful thing to learn, It works as a lead guitar riff and is also an excellent introduction to bass playing in general



Guitar (phiên âm: ghi ta, tiếng Pháp: guitare; tiếng Anh: guitar), còn được biết đến dưới cái tên Tây Ban cầm (西班琴), vốn xuất xứ là một nhạc cụ có cách đây hơn 500 năm (loại guitar cổ), sau này người Tây Ban Nha mới cải tiến nó thành đàn guitar ngày nay, Đàn guitar trước kia chỉ vỏn vẹn có 1 dây, ngày nay có 6 dây, tuy nhiên vẫn tồn tại những loại đàn guitar có 4, 7, 8, 10 và 12 dây

budget audio interface

Budget audio interface

In Buyer"s Guide, Guides for Musicians, Guides for Singers, Home Recording Studio by Jake LJanuary 26, 2021Leave a CommentNowadays, becoming an independent recording artist is more doable than ever with recording equipment that’s affordable and accessible to a wider range of people, You can put together a basic home recording studio for under $300 that can get the job done

classical guitar for beginners

Classical guitar for beginners

Last Updated: May-04-2019In our latest refresh of this important chart, we made just one significant change – replacing the Fender MC-1 with the La Patrie Etude, We also made some changes to the order of our chart, as we feel the Yamaha NTX700 is currently the best classical guitar for beginners

applause guitar

Applause guitar

ExcellentThis product is in "like new" condition and shows little to no signs of use, Free from blemishes, scratches, and user wear

behringer u-phoria umc404hd audiophile review

Behringer u-phoria umc404hd audiophile review

Devices such as the U-PHORIA UMC404HD are the reason why Behringer is one of the go-to brands for budget users looking for reliability and efficiency, This USB-powered device may look plain, but it is easily one of the most versatile audio interfaces you can find for under $200

acoustic electric travel guitar

Acoustic electric travel guitar

Islander  (7) Alvarez  (5) Mitchell  (2) Gold Tone  (1) Jasmine  (1) Cort  (1) 1, 62 in

strap lock

Strap lock

Want to keep your Taylor from hitting the deck while gigging? Consider strap locks and a new adapter designed for Taylor guitars, Playingguitar has been a passion of mine since I picked up my first one at age 12

orange amps reviews

Orange amps reviews

Orange Amplifiers has become a name synonymous with quality, When you buy their amps, you expect nothing but the best

yamaha thr10c review

Yamaha thr10c review

A tiny amp packed with vintage tones £299 $460 By Nick Guppy 29 November 2012 About the size and shape of a loaf of sliced bread, the amp"s inner workings are housed under a steel fascia Yamaha THR10C Yamaha"s THR "third amp" concept assumes we all have our big stage stacks and a club-sized combo, and while this may seem a little unrealistic, there"s no doubt that the original THR amps put the desktop practice/recording amp concept firmly on

hohner classical guitar

Hohner classical guitar

IntroductionMaybe you haven’t heard of Hohner as of yet, which I wouldn’t blame you for, it’s not easy to gain recognition amidst a competitive market dominated by gigantic names, Hohner are a musical instrument manufacturer originally founded in Europe, and they have a tradition of quality lasting over a century

klos guitar review

Klos guitar review

KLOS isn’t a name that everyone will be familiar with just yet, but they are changing how we think about the acoustic guitar, KLOS use carbon fiber rather than wood for the body of their guitars

fender telecaster modern player

Fender telecaster modern player

Array ( => Array ( => 10 => Fender ) => Array ( => 17 => Roland ) => Array ( => 25 => Thương hiệu khác ) ) --> Array ( => Array ( => 10 => Fender ) => Array ( => 17 => Roland ) => Array (

taylor 614ce review

Taylor 614ce review

Forget all you know about maple, Taylor’s new-look 600 Series is here to challenge your preconceptions

schaller strap locks

Schaller strap locks

Schaller Straplocks are the industry standard when it comes to protecting your prized possession even when playing the rowdiest of gigs! Your guitar dropping from its strap is not something you want to experience, Ever

octave pedals

Octave pedals

In this article, we’re going to be discussing what the best guitar octave processors are, that are available to buy in 2020, However, as per usual, before we go straight into this, we want to make sure that all of our readers, especially the new guitarists, are familiar with exactly what a guitar octaver is, and the different types that are available

best coiled guitar cable

Best coiled guitar cable

You"ve probably seen Jimi Hendrix or any other band from the 60"s or 70"s sporting what looks like a curly lock of hair as their guitar cable, Coiled guitar cables get a tough time by gearheads all around the world

best guitar tutorial

Best guitar tutorial

Getting started on your guitar learning adventure can be a costly endeavor, especially if you have absolutely no musical experience to lean on, Chances are, you may not have realized how expensive starting up and getting all of your guitar essentials was going to be

yamaha thr 10c review

Yamaha thr 10c review

If you’re a guitar player, chances are that Yamaha is not among the first five brands that come to mind when it comes to amplifiers, With that said, their THR10C Classic Combo is truly something impressive

small body guitars

Small body guitars

Five guitars representing the better percentage of classic small-body styles: Epiphone EL-00 Pro, Simon & Patrick Woodland Pro Parlor, Guild M-120, Loar LO-215, and Martin 000X1AE, Dreadnoughts may be the world’s best-selling acoustic guitars

ibanez parlor guitars

Ibanez parlor guitars

We're always adding musical instruments that can ship internationally, Email us and we'll pass along your request to the manufacturer

epiphone eb-0 bass

Epiphone eb-0 bass

Gear returned in mint condition, If you're looking for a virtually new instrument in possibly less-than-perfect packaging, this is a great value

best bass guitar for beginners

Best bass guitar for beginners

Last Updated: May-07-2019In our new refresh of this important bass article, we moved a few things around with our chart, We removed the older Ibanez SR370, and replaced it with the Jackson JS Series Spectra Bass JS2, while moving the cool Sterling by Music Man S

guitar starter kit

Guitar starter kit

Posted on: 20 Nov 2019 by Lee Glynn WE LOOK AT 13 OF THE BEST GUITAR STARTER KITS FOR BEGINNER GUITARISTS and bass players, AS A GUITAR STARTER PACK IS A PERFECT OPTION WHEN YOU WANT TO LEARN GUITAR OR JUST START MAKING NOISE STRAIGHT AWAYIf you want to start playing guitar or you’re an old-hand who wants to rekindle their passion and you"re on a budget, you need the best guitar sta

epiphone pr-4e review

Epiphone pr-4e review

Alternative Acoustic Electric Guitars to ConsiderStill under 300 dollars is the Yamaha FGX800C Acoustic Electric Guitar, It’s a beautiful piece with a solid Sitka spruce top

fender telecaster american special

Fender telecaster american special

Our VerdictAimed at the gap in the market between the American Standard and the Highway One ranges, these American Specials succeed with value and tone in abundance, Fender"s own take on Fender"s new American Special line-up is that they are "value-conscious guitars for the times… designed specifically to bring the full Fender experience of a terrific-sounding, smooth-playing, rock-solid-built US-made guitar to the working man, without emptying his bank account

fender 5 string p bass

Fender 5 string p bass

The American Pro II Precision Bass V delivers instant familiarity and sonic versatility you’ll feel and hear right away, with broad ranging improvements that add up to nothing less than a new standard for professional instruments, FeaturesSingle V-Mod II split-coil Precision Bass V pickup’63 P Bass neck profileBone nut; 20 narrow-tall frets for familiar playing feelHiMass™ Vintage bridge for increased sustainTapered-shaft tuning machines; Posiflex graphite rods for neck reinforcementIncludes Del

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