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les paul ukulele

Les paul ukulele

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best kid guitarist

Best kid guitarist

Music magazines weren’t so kind to electric guitars over the past decade, Sales were down and it seemed like the guitar market would never recover

yamaha csf1m

Yamaha csf1m

Whether a high-end dreadnought or an affordable travel guitar, you can always rely on Yamaha to have a model to offer – and the parlor guitar market is no different, Part of the newly released CSF Series, the CSF1M is an affordable electro-acoustic parlor guitar that is well on its way to becoming one of the most popular parlors on the market

mitchell ukulele mu 70

Mitchell ukulele mu 70

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yamaha apx500 iii review

Yamaha apx500 iii review

Yamaha APX500III ReviewsWhile the price is low and is an advantage, it can also be a drawback, As an entry-level guitar, it might be too high for a beginner to justify paying that much

fender newporter review

Fender newporter review

The Fender California Player acoustics are perfect for electric players who don’t want to cramp their style when playing acoustic, The sub-$500 acoustic market has become one of the most exciting categories of guitar manufacturing in recent years

fender squier bullet strat

Fender squier bullet strat

Mã sản phẩm HTBS Giá bán 5, 030

fender bass pickups

Fender bass pickups

P bass, which is also known as a precision bass was Leo Fender’s first electric bass design, It was introduced in 1951, and while it wasn’t the first electric bass, undoubtedly it changed the way musicians thought about the instrument

resonator guitars

Resonator guitars

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lunar high tide ukulele

Lunar high tide ukulele

High-Tide ukes are crafted from exotic tropical hardwoods and soundhole framed by an abalone ring, The "High Tide" Series is Luna"s premier line of Ukuleles

acoustic guitar starter pack

Acoustic guitar starter pack

When talking about the best acoustic guitar starter packs for beginners, people tend to have different opinions, That’s good, but why is this?We tend to look for different things in guitars, some might be looking for a good tone, while others might be looking for just a comfortable guitar

guitar fella

Guitar fella

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small acoustic guitar

Small acoustic guitar

Last Updated: February 20, 2019 In our latest look at this chart on the best small guitars we were satisfied with our existing model recommendations, However, we decided to add a bit of a wildcard in the Yamaha GL1 – a fun little guitalele! While we can all appreciate the complex tone of a Dreadnought or the booming resonance of a Jumbo guitar, sometimes a small guitar is what’s needed

fender strat pickups

Fender strat pickups

The Fender Stratocaster is arguably the most iconic guitar of all time, and it’s appeared on some of the most significant records of all time dating back to the early 1950s, Over the years, Fender has made hundreds of different Stratocaster models, and other manufacturers have produced tons of popular copies

epiphone pr150

Epiphone pr150

Went to Guitar Center in Nashville to trade or sell and 12 string Bajo Sexto that I didn"t need and ended up with a straight up trade on a PR150VS, I was amazed at the sound that comes from a $149 plywood guitar

guitar center guitar cables

Guitar center guitar cables

Analysis Plus  (9) Asterope  (4) D"Addario Planet Waves  (23) Hosa  (6) KIRLIN  (21) Lava  (15) Livewire  (23) Mogami  (17) Musician"s Gear  (32) Pig Hog  (6) $0 - $25 (79) $25 - $50 (76) $50 - $100 (33) $100 - $200 (16) $200 - $300 (4) Under 1 Foot (21) 1 to 3 Foot (29) 4 to 9 Foot (19) 10 to 12 Foot (80) 13 to 19 Foot (29) 20 to 24 Foot (90)

best 8 string guitars

Best 8 string guitars

Purchasing the best 8 string guitar is hard because there are various excellent guitars with 8 strings out there to browse, Therefore, BreatheCaroline has done a list of 15 best 8 string guitars from many brands with different designs for you to consider and choose a guitar that suits you most

samick guitars review

Samick guitars review

Hey all, I"m new here

fender mustang gt review

Fender mustang gt review

This smart little guitar amplifier will help you jam like a rock star in your own home but it’s too dinky to perform with The Mustang GT 40 is a digital modelling guitar amplifier, which promises to replicate the sounds of a wide range of classic amps, It has a good range of built-in effects too and you can program and control it from your smartphone, using the Fender Tone app for Android and iOS

how high should the action be on an acoustic guitar

How high should the action be on an acoustic guitar

Adjusting Action For Playability & Tone Action is a term used to describe the way an instrument is adjusted and how well it plays, Action is most commonly thought of as how high the strings are from the frets

who makes rogue guitars

Who makes rogue guitars

Owing a guitar is a common wish of any beginner who wishes to master this splendid skill, Guitars for starters are available in various brand names and price ranges

sad chord progressions guitar

Sad chord progressions guitar

The short-lived Russian composer Vasily Kalinnikov is best known (to the extent he’s known at all) for this piece of music:If you listen to this piece at 6:16, there’s a particularly beautiful and tragic chord progression, It’s in the key of E-flat, but I transposed it into C for ease of understanding:I mentally refer to this progression as the Willie Nelson turnaround, because I first heard it in his classic recording of “I’d Have To Be Crazy”, written by Steven Fromholz

danelectro honeytone n-10 guitar mini amp

Danelectro honeytone n-10 guitar mini amp

Danelectro is a brand with retro at its heart, with their wide range of guitars and amplifiers soaked in 1950s nostalgia, When it comes to portable amps, Danelectro’s Honeytone N-10 has been a popular choice among guitarists for its super affordable price, awesome design and solid vintage tone

epiphone es 335 pro review

Epiphone es 335 pro review

When it comes to archtop guitars, nothing quite beats the ES-335, which is as great a blues guitar as it is suited for jazz, rock and country – just ask B, B

fender cp 100

Fender cp 100

Love it! Bought it at gear fest 2015 after sampling other competitors, I was looking for an affordable guitar for the porch, camp fire, poolside, parlor etc

gretsch g9200 boxcar resonator acoustic guitar

Gretsch g9200 boxcar resonator acoustic guitar

If you’re a guitarist and a fan of blues music, you simply have to rock out on a resonator guitar at one point in your musical journey, Some say that these instruments epitomize the very essence of blues, and we understand why

fender alkaline trio malibu

Fender alkaline trio malibu

With eight studio albums to their name since forming in 1996, Alkaline Trio are one of the most popular punk rock bands in the world and, as such, deserve a good signature acoustic guitar, Enter, the Fender Alkaline Trio Malibu, which sits comfortably in our article on the top acoustic guitars under $300



#1 Easiest Way to Learn Guitar Guitar Tricks Inc, 4

ukulele string notes

Ukulele string notes

As a new ukulele player, every instructional video you come across will refer to either ukulele string notes or uke string numbers to teach the lesson, That’s great, unless you’re not yet familiar with the names and numbers of each string!In this article we will explain the names and numbers of the different strings, why you might like using numbers more than names, and how this makes tuning easier

best humbucker pickups

Best humbucker pickups

Want a tone with some power and meat, but without all that irritating hum? You’re in the right place, as the humbucker delivers almost everything the modern guitarist needs, Humbuckers are hugely popular pickups in the world of modern rock and metal, although have actually been around for a long time

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