Crown"s XLS Series amplifiers specify the standard for portable PA devices with unrivaled performance, technology and affordcapacity. Its valuable flexibility consists of multiple inputs so you deserve to plug in anything and play almost everywhere, together with numerous mechanism setup configurations. The incorporated crossovers and switch-mode power supply produce remarkable sound, and also Peakx™ limiters defend your speakers.

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Weighing much less than 12 pounds, compared to 40 pounds for its competitors, it"s a lot much easier to set up and relocate from show to display. Simply put, the XLS is a lot of trusted, functional, efficient amp easily accessible today.


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The XLS Series of power amplifiers from Crvery own specify the typical for live sound systems with unparalleled performance, technology, and affordcapacity.

This high-performance line consists of four models each providing huge power and flexibility thanks to the included DriveCore™ Technology, PureBand™ Crossover System and also Peakx™ limiters. And weighing in at only 10 lbs or much less, they provide the ultimate in lightweight portcapacity.

Generating chest-thumping lows and crystal clear highs, the 4 models in the series – the XLS1000, XLS1500, XLS2000, and XLS2500 – are engineered to meet any type of demanding audio demands – reliably and also within budget.

Every XLS Series amplifier is backed by Crown"s unparalleled Three-Year, No-Fault, Fully Transferable Warranty that covers everything.

With over 5 decades of endure designing and also structure rock-solid products, Crown is the standard in amplifier innovation. So examine out the Crvery own XLS Series. They are a powerful argument for performance, flexibility, and value!

Integrated DriveCore™ Technology

Class D amplifiers are noteworthy for extraordinarily high efficiency and being well suited for driving difficult reactive loads such as subwoofers. However before, their performance deserve to suffer impaired performance on marginal and unstable AC line provides.

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To overcome this obstacle, Crvery own engineers developedDriveCore Technology– a proprietary hybrid analog-digital incorporated circuit (IC) emerged via Texas Instruments that drives the "front end" of the Class D output phase. Over 60 years of Crown"s design understanding and experience entered the development of this technology bring about truly impressive benefits.

DriveCore™ Technology offers an extremely wide-tolerance through regards to sagging or "dirty" AC line problems offering consistent performance without affecting audio top quality. This implies that your performance will not be compromised by fluctuating generator power or overloading by lighting rigs, backline equipment, etc.

In addition, DriveCore™ Technology"s patented feedback and PWM modulation circuits permit quick recoextremely on height transients, specific reproduction of low-level information, and precise tracking of low-frequencies at high power levels for maximum subwoofer output.

Advanced Switched-Mode Power Supply

This advanced power supply is highly reliable and also optimized for maximum power transport from the AC line through the Class D output phase to the loudspeakers. A benefit to this is extensive weight reduction as soon as compared to older 60Hz transformer-based power gives. All 4 models in the line weigh 10 pounds or less via no compromise in performance. This renders the XLS Series the benchnote for high performance lightweight portcapacity.

PureBand™ Crossover System

The PureBand™ Crossover System in the XLS Series adds an huge amount of flexibility and also performance to any type of mechanism. With this device, the crossover frequency is entirely variable allowing the option of any type of crossover point in between 50Hz and also 3kHz on 1/12 octave centers. The usage of 4th order Linkwitz-Riley filters offers steep slopes for a seammuch less shift between high and low drivers. And with 4 crossover modes to pick from providing the ultimate in adaptability, all of your device requirements are covered:

Crossover Mode (CH1=LPF, CH2=HPF) – When liked, this mode permits a LowPass Filter on Channel 1 and also a HighPass Filter on Channel 2 at the frequency liked.LowPass Setting (CH1=LPF, CH2=LPF) – When chosen, this mode permits a LowPass Filter on both Channel 1 and also Channel 1 at the frequency preferred.HighPass Setting (CH1=HPF, CH2=HPF) – When liked, this mode permits a HighPass Filter on both Channel 1 and also Channel 2 at the frequency chosen.Bridge Mode (LPF or HPF) – When the amplifier is put right into Bridge-Mono, you are still able to use the crossover device and employ either a LowPass Filter or HighPass Filter at the frequency favored.

All of the PureBand™ Crossover System settings deserve to be completely configured conveniently and also quickly from the front panel using the intuitive LCD interface.

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Peakx™ Limiters

Peakx™ limiters provide the ultimate in performance and also defense for your entire mechanism. This advanced algorithm was especially emerged and also tuned to job-related through this amplifier and power-supply to attain better SPL will certainly less audible artifacts. This suggests less distortion, less shutdowns, and maximum safe power ceded to your speakers. The Peakx™ limiters can be conveniently turned on or off by channel ideal from the front panel eliminating the should be digging approximately in the earlier of the dark rack.

XLS High Performance, Lightweight Class D amp weighs much less than 11 lbs.Incorporated PureBand™ Crossover System for better performance and controlPeakx™ Limiters administer maximum output while protecting your speakersXLR, 1/4", RCA inputs administer outstanding flexibilityEfficient forced-air fans proccasion excessive thermal buildupElectronically well balanced XLR inputs; touchproof binding write-up and Speakon® outputsPrecision detented level controls, power switch, power LED, and also 6 LEDs which show signal, clip and also fault for each channelThree-Year, No-Fault, Fully Transferable Warranty totally protects your investment and assures its specifications

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